How to Forgive the Betrayal in a Marriage and Move on

 Betrayal can happen between friends and families but it becomes worst when it comes to a position where it start to harm and threaten to break your marriage. in these times of high fi internet and strong social media at everyone’s fingertip, it is very likely that a person can get influenced by some other person. 

It is easy to forgive someone in your family or even your friends who betray you, but it becomes more and more painful when it comes from your own life partner. You live day and night together spent thousands of hours together share infinite happy moments together and that end one day when you know that all are just a bubble.

When a betrayal happens it breaks you from deep inside your heart like 1000 deep cuts, you think day after day about that and it can eventually put an end to even the most established marriages.  So how do you as a couple forgive the betrayal in marriage and move on?

If your partner betrayed you then it is very painful and it will take a very long time to recover from that frame of mind, but this does not always lead to separation. If you take enough care of your partner, there may still be a very much chance of saving your marriage.


How you can forgive your life partner and start from zero again?

This is a huge pain in anyone’s life, and if not properly managed and healed, will tear down the fabric of the relationship and will lead to many conflicts, and will come to the end of your marriage.

In this article, we will talk about the many mistakes that couples do and some most important steps needed to be taken to forgive betrayal in marriage and to start from zero together. As we all know, betrayal can come in many forms, from simple acts of betrayal to the most tragic acts a partner can commit. 

A betrayal can affect all aspects of a couple’s relationship such it includes their financial condition, friendships to there all friends, it can affect family relationships, and most importantly it will affect their physical health, their career, and more often intimacy and sexuality of both persons.


Look at some of the most common and important reasons of betrayal



According to research, up to 60% of all spouses in this world will commit infidelity at least once in their marriage. Well, this is a huge number but this is human nature.

Infidelity is known differently across all cultures, religions, and social worlds. Most people would view this as physical intimacy with someone other than their own spouse or a life partner. But in some religions, a simple desire of another person than his or her own spouse is considered Infidelity. According to a report published in the United States, 17% of all divorces can be attributed to infidelity by one or both partners.

Thus, because a great number of betrayals is occurring in many marriages so many couples are so confused about how to handle it and what to do next when this happens. this will lead them to a very odd relationship or they just go separate ways.

Unfortunately, if they go to a different route this is not always the best option and solution as it will affect the children and causes irreparable harm to their minds and as well as their future.

There are a few points on how you can forgive your partner and start a new life with them again.

Marriage Counselors :

One of the most common methods is to consult with a marriage counselor. However, this method is not the most effective therapy but it will help. The marriage counselors will try their best to solve the issue and this will help to bring you both closer and forget what happened in the past.

Chaser :

When betrayal of your partner is exposed, it is definitely come again in your life later. And this can happen more often whenever an argument takes place.

Like most pain reminders, simple things can bring up the event and this makes it difficult for both of them to move on with this relationship. This will cause unfaithfulness, explanation, reassurance, or any sort of guarantee.


The partner who is responsible for the betrayal will eventually feel wrong, blamed, and guilt-ridden by their partner. They may begin to distance themselves so that other people don’t feel the guilt of being reminded of what they have done.

After some time this will bring little move on the process for both the husband and wife and they start to move away from each other slowly. Both will start finding a few happy moments away from their partner and their marriage. this cycle will repeat over and over again and eventually, they will get divorced. If they are not able to solve it, couples are more than 80 percent likely to divorce in the first four or five years of marriage, and it’s happening more often these days.

How you can forgive the betrayal of your dear and loved spouse easily with less pain?

1. Partner should have a Genuine desire to change :

The best way to forgive a person is if he or she just leaves the past behind willing to be with you, and genuinely wants to live with you and make love with you. The person who was the main reason behind all mater needs to be very honest with you with his or her full heart and definitely want to leave the past and want to start a new life.

The person must have to be committed to you this time with full loyalty and desire. A person who ever do betrayal actually also betrays themselves as well.

2. They should have Transparency in the relationship :

when the betrayal is exposed, you should have to be transparent about their approach in every part of the relationship. If it happens again this relationship won’t be able to handle that, so when forgiveness is in process person must be true in every matter they should not have to hide anything from their partner because these small things can become big matters.

you should be kept in the dark all your bank accounts, passwords, social media accounts, and friendships. This may like a breach of privacy of you but you have to do it to give life to your relationship, however, when the betrayal is big, the type of transparency you need.

3. Try to Overcome the Pain as soon as possible :

This pain of betrayal will come like waves sometimes it comes hard times soft. It can start when you see a place, people, and so many things you see in daily life. Now it also become a part of your life. The sad songs make you sad you start to relate to yourself to that sad song.

The pain of betrayal is huge but you have to overcome this slowly, after a few days you start feeling good and things are giving you pain becomes less hurting.

You must have to stay far in front of the pain and initiate the healing. By Getting over the pain is way by which you can forgive your partner after a betrayal you got.


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