James Webb Telescope found New Alien Planet

The James Webb Space Telescope has been running now since December of 2021 and has taken a lot of images that are so exciting and amazing. Time to time this telescope is discovering new alien planets, most of them are still far from us but someday they might be our home.

In his universe searching mission, James Web Telescope has another alien planet which is very interesting in the view of astronomers and scientists.

This time this telescope discovered that the planet is surrounded by clouds of sand-like silicate grains.

It is known as VHS 1256 b and exists 72 light-years away from us. VHS 1256 b is what is called to as a brown dwarf. You cant imagine the size of the planet it is 20 times bigger than our Jupiter.

Astronomers have found water, methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sodium, and potassium in the alien planet’s atmosphere.

Brown dwarfs don’t burn hydrogen as other planets do, but they do produce their own light and heat by burning deuterium.

VHS 1256 b is quite small for a brown dwarf. It rotates 360 degrees around the sun, which is an oval shape, and takes around massive 17,000 years to complete 1 full circle.

This planet is also studied for years to make a full conclusion like so many others but our search for a habitable alien planet has been still on till we find some.

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