Places you don’t want to go even after death

We all enjoy our holidays, we always want to go on our holidays to new places, but there are few places where you do not want to be even after death because these places are so deserted that even your soul won’t able to get out from there. In this post, there are a few places, which are well known to everyone and they are so beautiful to relax your eyes but are the most deadly places on this earth.

The first place on the list is

1. The Sahara Desert

We all know about the Sahara desert, Sahara is earth’s largest and hottest desert. Sahara is famous for its sprawling sand dunes field

When we see it in the movies our minds say we have to visit there and Sahara also has the largest tourist attraction in Africa

The temperature of the Sahara desert can go to 58 degrees Celsius. Many people die in the Sahara Desert due to heat waves starvation, dehydration, sickness, and lack of excess to medicine on time

If you die here your body could be lost here forever in the Deadly dust Storms off of the Sahara Desert and never ever will be recovered.

2. Antarctica

Antarctica is about 14.2 million square km in size, and thick ice covers almost 98 percent of the land.

You won’t see any human 100s of miles you travel, only you see a blanket of ice and ice.

Antarctica is so beautiful to our eyes the scenic scenes beautiful icebergs high mountains covered with ice.

When you see the images of Antarctica you will always want to be there and always wanted to go there but you have to know that Antarctica is the wildest the coldest place on earth. Antarctica has almost 90% of the world’s ice. It also has the 80% of the freshwater in the world.
It is the home of white polar bear seals and penguins

If you die there your body will never be recovered you will be lost forever.
And you when your soul will not be able to cross that sea of ice.

So be careful when you plan your holiday, consider places and their history and problems in those places.

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