Shocking !! 30,000 people died in the Sahara Desert

We all know about the Sahara desert, Sahara is earth’s largest and hottest desert. Sahara is famous for its sprawling sand dunes field

The temperature of the Sahara desert can go to 58 degrees Celsius. Many people die in the Sahara Desert due to heat waves starvation, dehydration, sickness, and lack of excess to medicine on time

If you die here your body could be lost here forever in the Deadly dust Storms off of the Sahara Desert and never ever will be recovered.

The sands of the Sahara desert have become wet from the blood of migrants trying to flee from Algeria.

A shocking new report shows that 30,000 people died in the Sahara desert since 2014.

Most of the people trying to run away from the country are pregnant women and young children. Most die in the desert’s intense heat and lack of water.

People are trying to flee from African countries to cross all the way to the Sahara desert and after that, they attempted to cross the Mediterranean Sea and wanted to reach the European countries.

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