Steps to living more than 100 years happily

Everybody needs to remain fit till the greatest age and avoid illnesses. It is likewise conceivable to assume you remember a few healthy habits for your way of life and avoid negative behavior patterns. Specialists have been saying that on the off chance that you continue to work out every day and eat nutritious food, you can remain sound and fit for quite a while.

Be that as it may, in this average life, it isn’t feasible for everybody to get some margin to remain sound and keep the body fit. The pressure and impulse to remain inside have begun making individuals all the more deranged. In such a circumstance, on the off chance that we remember things for our way of life to remain fit, we can stay smart for long life. So we should realize those propensities by embracing which we can remain solid and fit for lifetime.

  1. Drink plenty of water instead on an empty stomach

Everybody wakes up in the morning and likes to drink tea or coffee. But if you drink water from a big glass as soon as you wake up in the morning, then it will be very beneficial for you and your body. In fact, when we sleep the whole night, the body becomes completely dehydrated and when we drink tea and coffee on an empty stomach, it actually causes so much damage to our body and digestive system. When you wake up in the morning and make a habit of taking a big glass of water, then the whole body will not only get lots of energy, your brain and kidney will also be able to work better and more efficient way.

2. Have plenty of protein for breakfast

If you don’t know breakfast is very much important in your daily life. It is said that one should always have breakfast like a king and always have dinner like a beggar. If you start the morning with proper food full of nutrients, then you will feel fit and energetic all day. For making that happen, you should definitely consider consuming protein in your breakfast. When you take lots of protein in your breakfast, your blood sugar is very much controlled, the body gets energy, there is no hunger bothering you and the mood is also amazingly good. Just not only this, but you can also control your weight and maintain your requirements.

3. Include at least 1 fruit in your meal every day

Fruits are actually our friends they help us in all situations, you have to make it a habit to eat at least one fruit every day. Just try to use it as a snack that will helps a lot. If you eat fruits every day, then the body gets the necessary and very important fiber, vitamins, and minerals, due to which both digestion and health remain good each and every day.

4. Try to use the Stairs as much as possible

We all know how important is to exercise daily for any person but somehow you are not able to do that you can exercise while doing your daily routine work, according to various research, if you climb 60 stairs in 20 seconds three times a day, then it will increase your cardio fitness by 5 percent. If you don’t know, Cardio fitness is most important for the overall fitness of your body. It also reduces the risk of heart disease and keeps the muscles strong forever.

5 Consume Green Tea

we all knew how better is green tea for our health If you consume green tea and leave tea and coffee every time during the day, then you can get huge benefits from it. Green tea also keeps hard diseases away and due to its very rich antioxidant properties, it keeps trying to cure many problems you have, and prove much-needed assistance to your body.

So these are a few little steps you can change in your daily life to get a longer and healthier life.

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